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NovaGroup is an economic group consisting of 3 pillars: Novaland Group, Nova Services Group, Nova Consumer Group; operating in the fields of Real Estate, Trade - Services, Agriculture - Consumer Goods. NovaGroup operates with the Mission “Contributing to improving the value of life; Building a prosperous community - happy".

Novaland Group - a key player in the NovaGroup ecosystem - is a leading prestigious brand in the field of real estate investment and development in Vietnam.

On an existing land bank of more than 5,400 hectares, Novaland develops 03 key product lines, including: Urban Real Estate, Urban Tourism Real Estate, and Industrial Real Estate.

After a journey of 29 years of establishment and development, Novaland currently owns a portfolio of more than 50 real estate projects; Not only stopping at Urban Real Estate projects, the Group also strongly invests in a series of large-scale Urban Tourism Urban Real Estate projects, with trend-leading projects and products, with positive impacts. to the process of urban development and tourism development in the southern provinces.

Novaland is a listed company in the VN30 group, and bonds are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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